75th Fim Rally 2021

The 75th edition of the FIM Rally postponed to 2021.
Italy confirmed as host country

Defending the health of motorcyclists and those who host motorbike events is a priority for both the International Motorcycling Federation and the Italian Motorcycling Federation. Given the persistence of the emergency related to Coronavirus, and in order to safeguard the health of organizers, volunteers, commissioners and participants, the FIM and the FMI have taken the important decision to postpone the 75th edition of the FIM Rally to 2021, initially scheduled from June 24th to 26th in Foligno.

Those who have already registered to participate in the 2020 edition of the FIM Rally will be fully refunded by the organizer. To date, registrations have been received from as many as 14 nations, but the presence of thousands of motorcyclists in Italy is only postponed: during the coming year our country will still be hosting the most prestigious international motorbike event. The fans, riding their vehicles, will therefore be able to admire the beauties of our territory by discovering its history, culture and traditions.

Furthermore, after a short decision-making process shared between the Italian Motorcycle Federation, the Polish Automoto Association (Polski Zwiᶏzek Motorowy – PZM) and the Spanish Motorcycle Federation (Real Federación Motociclistica Española – RFME), the FIM – with its Tourism and Time Commission Libero – has decided that the FIM Rally, the oldest international motorcycle rally (the first edition took place in 1936), will take place in Italy in 2021, in Poland in 2022 and in Spain in 2023, contributing to the celebrations for the centenary of the RFME.

The FIM, in collaboration with the organizing committees, has decided to postpone all FIM Touring Classic events scheduled for 2020 to 2021, namely the FIM Rendez-Vous Meritum in Austria, the FIM Motocamp in Slovakia and the FIM Mototour of Nations in Turkey. All the reprogrammed events will take place next year, indicatively in the same period of time, and the related special regulations will be available in due course. For more information: ctl@fim.ch.

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