FIM 2020 Rally presented in Foligno!

The presentation of the FIM 2020 Rally was held today at Palazzo Trinci in Foligno (PG), the most prestigious international motorcycle touring event that will take place from 24 to 26 June next year in the Umbrian town.

In the Sala delle Arti of the historic building, which was the residence of the governing family over the city between 1305 and 1439, speakers were present: the Mayor of Foligno, Stefano Zuccarini, the President of the Italian Motorcycling Federation, Giovanni Copioli, the President of the IMF Tourism and Leisure Commission, Rocco Lopardo, the Director of General Services of the International Motorcycle Federation, Damiano Zamana, the Councilor for Tourism, Michela Giuliani and the Councilor for Culture and Sport, Decio Barili. The Director of the FIM 2020 Rally, Cristiana Mariani, the Members of the FIM Tourist Commission, Keith Freak and Stjepko Varga, the President of the Regional Committee of the IMF Umbria, Mara Colligiani, the President of the Moto Club Foligno, Dario Signorelli, the Coordinator of Mototurismo in Umbria, Carlo Faina, the President of the Environment Commission, Giancarlo Strani and Art Director Stefano Fonzo.

Those present expressed strong enthusiasm for an event in which the 75th edition will take place in Italy. More than 1,000 motorcyclists from 25 countries around the world are expected; our country has always been the protagonist of this event, given the 25 victories obtained. The latest in 2017 in Sweden and in 2018 in Lithuania. During the conference, the FIM 2020 Rally logo was also presented.

The Mayor of Foligno, Stefano Zuccarini, said: “From our Administration, I can ensure maximum availability and collaboration. It is an honor to have been chosen as the host city of the FIM Rally, which will return to Italy after thirteen years. The event represents an important opportunity for visibility for the area and I want to thank the International and Italian Federation for choosing Foligno as the venue for the event. We will strive to make motorcyclists discover the beauties of our city and host them in the best possible way “.

“I thank the Municipal Administration, the International Motociclismo Federation, the CONI Umbria, the Regional Committee FMI Umbria and all the involved realities for their collaboration and availability” explained the FMI President Giovanni Copioli. “Even on this occasion, teamwork is and will be fundamental. In less than a year, motorcyclists will arrive in a splendid town like Foligno and in a region, Umbria, which I am sure will know how to welcome them to the fullest. Our goal is to organize the FIM 2020 Rally so that the participants appreciate the culture and history of our territory. It will be a great opportunity to promote motorcycling in Italy ”.

“Among the many cities applying to host the FIM 2020 Rally, we chose Foligno because the municipal administration decided not only to host the event but to share it ” said Rocco Lopardo, President of the FIM Tourism and Leisure Commission. “This means that there are common intentions regarding programs, activities, and objectives. From our point of view, it was fundamental to find a reality that fully grasped the scope of the event and was enthusiastic to collaborate in an event that in our world, the motorbike one, represents excellence ”.

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