Monday 22nd – Optional Tour


Optional excursion to Rasiglia and Spoleto with aperitif

For all motorbike fans who will arrive in Italy before the start of the event, scheduled on Wednesday 24 June with the parade and presentation of the nations, the organization has organized optional tours, this scheduled on Monday 22.

We start in groups of motorcycles at 15:00 from the Rally Center and begin the exploration of the magnificent Umbrian lands.

First stop, a small Treasure of the Apennines along the Menotre Valley, known as the “Borgo dei Ruscelli” Rasiglia is a fraction of Foligno located about 19km from the capital.

The town retains the typical aspect of a medieval Umbrian village, gathering in an amphitheater structure. The first news on the existence of the town dates back to the early thirteenth century, in the so-called “Carte di Sassovivo”, that is, the archive of the Abbey of Sassovivo

Here the curtis de Rasilia is mentioned for the first time, which turned out to have the church of S. Pietro as a cult building.Rasiglia was flanked by the ancient Via della Spina, about three kilometers, important for the commercial traffic between the Adriatic and the Tyrrhenian Sea and in particular between Rome and the Marca Anconetana. In the 14th century, some fortifications were built to defend the road. Among these, it should be remembered, in Rasiglia, the castle of the Trinci (lords of Foligno), which with its strategic position allowed the control of the Menotre valley.


Scorcio di Rasiglia


Once back on the motorbike, the excursion continues to the city of Spoleto, a city that certainly needs no introduction, a place inhabited since prehistoric times.

In this view, the cathedral or cathedral of Santa Maria assunta, built in 1067 on the remains of a 9th century church. Noteworthy are the frescoes by Pinturicchio in the chapel of Bishop Eroli and Filippo Lippi in the apse of the central nave.

Participants are reminded that the Tour in Rasiglia and Spoleto is to be marked among the optional tours in the Entry & Accommodation Form at a cost of € 30 per person, this tour includes the use of your motorcycle and an aperitif will be set up during the tour buffet, during which alcoholic drinks will not be served.

June 22 - Rasiglia and Spoleto excursion

To be carried out with your motorcycle
  • Departure at 15:00 from the Rally Center
  • 1st stage: Rasiglia il Borgo dei Ruscelli - 19km
  • 2nd stage: Spoleto - 39km
  • Buffet aperitif
  • Return to Rally Center - 30km
  • Total km 88
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