23rd Tuesday – Optional Tours

Optional Tours

The huge artistic, historical, cultural and naturalistic heritage offered by the Umbria Region deserves to be lived and visited, so we thought not to limit the choice to a single tour, but to allow our guests to choose between three alternatives, from carrying out with your motorbike. Finally, for those who do not want to take the tour with their motorbike, a guided tour of the Eternal City by bus has also been organized.

  • 1st Option Deruta and Spello, with your motorbike;
  • 2nd Option Marmore Waterfalls, with your motorbike;
  • 3rd Option Saint Patrick’s Well, with your motorbike;
  • 4th Option Guided Visit to Rome by Bus;

All optional tours depart at 10:00 from the Rally Center.

1st Option: Deruta and Spello

Deruta, is about 40 kilometres from Foligno, and is universally known for its wonderful hand-painted ceramics.
City of ancient origins that, in the XII century, was conquered by Perugia becoming a border and defence stronghold against Todi and other potential enemies. In 1540, during the “Salt War”, he sided with the Church that won the war and was thus rewarded with a tax exemption for many years. Since then it became part of the Papal States until the unification of Italy. From the mid-16th century, it enjoyed a long period of peace which coincided with the maximum development of the production of majolica that made Deruta famous in the world.

Visit the Ceramics Museum of Deruta, established in 1898 by a group of local notables, the museum is, in its typology, the oldest in Italy. Since 1998 it has been housed in the fourteenth-century convent of San Francesco, completely restored.

The tour continues by motorbike towards the city of Spello, where lunch is scheduled in a typical restaurant.
After trying the Umbrian culinary specialities in the afternoon you will visit the Villa dei Mosaici and then you can freely visit the ancient village.

Villa dei Mosaici di Spello
Villa dei Mosaici di Spello, interno del museo. Foto Teodoro Teodoracopulos

The Villa dei Mosaici di Spello was located along a secondary branch of the Via Flaminia, which from Rome reached Rimini through Umbria. The twenty rooms brought to light are pertinent to the central sector of the villa, for a total area of ​​about 500 square meters. The only one of its kind, the imperial residence still preserves today.

Return to the Rally Center free or in a group starting at 17:00.

June 23 - Excursion to Deruta and Spello

To be carried out with your motorcycle
  • Departure at 10:00 from the Rally Center
  • Deruta - 40 Km
  • Visit to Deruta and the Ceramics Museum
  • Spello - 32 km
  • Lunch at a local restaurant
  • Visit of Roman Villa of the Mosaics and free time in the ancient village
  • Return to the Rally Center free or in group with departure at 17:00
  • Total km 80

2nd Option: Marmore Waterfalls

A more naturalistic tour has been organized for our guests who want to immerse themselves in the wonderful nature of Umbria, the Marmore Falls is one of the most famous waterfalls in Italy and among the highest in Europe. It is located in Valnerina, a short distance from Terni, inserted within the Nera River Regional Park. It is formed by the Velino river, which flows into the Nera river descending from Lake Piediluco.

Departure from the Rally Center with your motorbike at 10:00 am.

After the visit to the park of the Marmore Falls, we will go for lunch to a restaurant on Lake Piediluco which will then be visited with a boat trip included in the excursion.

June 23 - Excursion to Marmore Waterfalls

To be carried out with your motorcycle
  • Departure at 10:00 from the Rally Center
  • Marmore Waterfalls- 65km
  • Visit to the Marmore waterfall and the park
  • Lunch at restaurant on Piediluco lake
  • Boat excursion on Lake Piediluco
  • Return to the Rally Center, free or in group, starting at 17:00
  • Total km 130

3rd Option: St. Patrick's Well

On this tour we present the city of Orvieto and its unique in the world, a well dug out of the tuff.

Departure with your motorbike at 10:00 from the Rally Center with direction to Orvieto.

Pozzo di San Patrizio
Pozzo di San Patrizio

The historic San Patrizio well is a structure built by Antonio da Sangallo the Younger in Orvieto, between 1527 and 1537, at the behest of Pope Clement VII, who had just returned from the Sack of Rome and wished to protect himself in the event of a siege of the city in which he had retired. The works of the well – designed to provide water in the event of a disaster or siege – were completed during the papacy of Paolo III Farnese (1534-1549).

Access to the well, an engineering masterpiece, is guaranteed by two one-way helical ramps, completely autonomous and served by two different doors, which allowed to transport the extracted water with the mules, without hindrance and without having to resort to the only one road that went up to the village from the valley floor.

The well, 54 meters deep, was built by digging into the tuff of the plateau on which Orvieto stands, a fairly hard stone, which is suffering, after several centuries, from the sewage drains.
It has a cylindrical shape with a circular base with a diameter of 13 m.
The steps are 248, and the windows that give you light are 70, we also report that there is no lift and can only be visited on foot.

There is a stop at the restaurant for lunch and free afternoon for Orvieto, the city has one of the richest artistic and cultural heritage in Umbria.

The origins of Orvieto date back to the Etruscan civilization: the first settlements of the 9th century BC. they were located inside the tufaceous caves obtained in the massif on which the city currently stands.

Duomo di OrvietoThe Duomo is among the most majestic achievements of Italian architecture. Its imposing Gothic facade, with mosaics and bas-reliefs, dominates the entire village. Although the author of the original project remains unknown, it is known for certain that from 1310 the direction of the work passed to Lorenzo Maitani, who with his intervention will characterize the structure in a decisive manner. Inside, among the many works kept, one of the masterpieces of Italian painting, the cycle of frescoes depicting themes related to the Last Judgment painted by the painter Luca Signorelli, who succeeded Angelico, between 1499 and 1504.

June 23 - Excursion St. Patrick's Well

To be carried out with your motorcycle
  • Departure at 10:00 from the Rally Center
  • Orvieto - 75km
  • Visit to St. Patrick's Well
  • Lunch at local restaurant
  • Free afternoon to visit Orvieto
  • Return to the Rally Center free or in group with departure at 17:00
  • Total km 150

4th Option: Rome - Visited tour

The optional guided tour in Rome will start from the Rally Center at 10:00 am, our guests will reach Rome by bus and will have a packed lunch with them.

A visit to the Eternal City will be made through the use of panoramic buses discovered with the Hop-on Hop-off system.

Guests can admire the beauty of Rome from the wonderful and unusual perspective of the first floor of an open-top bus.

Get on and off unlimitedly during the validity of the ticket, choosing from the numerous stops available, all close to the most important monuments.

June 23 - ROME - Guided Visit

Guided tour by BUS
  • Departure at 10:00 from the Rally Center by BUS
  • Arrival in ROME
  • Visit of Rome in freedom with the Hop-on Hop-off tour with Panoramic Bus - ticket included
  • Packed lunch
  • Rally Center return by BUS with departure at 16:00
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